How To Read Your Baby (HTRYB) is a Colorado based non-profit that offers experiential curricula and training for professionals who work with parents and caregivers of young children.

Research shows that supervised practice and coaching are critical to the effective integration of new skills, Partners In Parenting Education and Emotional Beginnings are taught to both professionals and caregivers using a hands-on, interactive, and fun approach!

The mission of How to Read Your Baby is to empower, educate and support professionals who promote positive relationships between primary caregivers and infants/toddlers.

HTRYB’s curricula are designed to support infant mental health by increasing the emotional availability of those caring for children. Research has shown that children who have emotionally available caregivers develop:

  • Secure attachments
  • School readiness
  • Healthy emotional development
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Emotional regulation

“Because the PIPE Curriculum’s
development was informed by the work of the most important attachment and emotional development researchers of our time, we knew we could count on it to enhance our program outcomes”

Pilar Baca, M.S., RN.
Clinical Director for Program
Improvement Research for the
Nurse Family Partnership

3 years girl with mom
3 year girl with dad

“What l like best about the Emotional Beginnings program was that the materials and format increased our caregiver’s emotional connectedness. The program met our needs and more.”

Helen  Young
Center Director
Clayton Early Head Start
Denver, Colorado

“As a parent educator I noticed that the home visits that were the most fun were the visits when we did PIPE”

Staci Thompson, RN, MSN
Nurse Educator
Nurse Family Partnership National
Service Office

Baby with mother
Happy Mom with child

“I was pleased the Mum was able to reflect on her own upbringing and make the connections to how she is parenting now.”

Family Support Worker
Early Start Project
Christchurch, New Zealand

“The PIPE Curriculum is a wonderful tool that is flexible and able to be tailored
to meet the needs of a diverse population…”

Marie Y. James, RN, BSN, MS
Clinical Nurse Manager
Philadelphia Department of Public Health

“I believe in PIPE… It is a critical prescription that should be filled regularly to enhance parent-child interaction, brain development, social skills and the list goes on. As we say in Oklahoma….. Using PIPE to teach parents is like giving 50cc’s of attachment”

Connie Frederick, RN, BSN Children First Consultant