How to Read Your Baby


In 1989 Colorado Community Colleges and Occupational Education Systems awarded a curriculum development grant for the creation of the Partners in Parenting Education (PIPE) curriculum, a school-based, teen-parenting curriculum. Under the direction of How to Read Your Baby, the PIPE curriculum and instructional model have been adapted to meet the needs of various parent populations and to be applicable to group instruction as well as individual instruction. This expanded focus was the result of collaboration between a multidisciplinary group of researchers affiliated with the Program for Early Developmental Studies at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and parenting educators working with parents in a variety of intervention programs.

How to Read Your Baby’s Mission

How to Read Your Baby’s mission is to empower, educate and support professionals who promote positive relationships between primary caregivers and children.

How to Read Your Baby accomplishes this mission by providing a relationship-based, experiential curriculum and training sessions designed to enhance the quality of the emotional connection between the parent or caregiver and the child.

How to Read Your Baby’s Philosophy

How to Read Your Baby believes that parents can become emotionally available to their children when the parents have the right information, the opportunity to practice and the support of a knowledgeable and caring educator.
This sharing and caring can lead to a new and enduring internalized model of parenting.